Where the hell have I been?

I started writing this to be helpful. To answer questions and hopefully provide some answers. Over the last few months I have been crazy busy and not been able to think of anything to write at all that would be helpful to anyone but myself.
So today I stumbled upon this. It is an episode of Kitchen Nightmares. Now I hate most reality TV. I hate it because it is made up to be sensational. That does not mean I do not watch it, it just means I hate it.
This episode, and all the attention after, however captures something that every single entrepreneur should see and know. The owners of this bistro are completely oblivious to their own faults. They blame the staff, the customers, the internet, and anything else around them. I have seen a lot of this is business. Owners and employees who can not believe how stupid the customer is for not taking their shitty product and their shitty service. Anyone who does not like their food is a “hater”. It is amazing.
Her husband invested 1 million dollars in opening a bistro. A million dollars.

There is an old saying in business that “The customer is always right”.  Damn near everyone reads this wrong. People assume it means that what the customer says is always right. That what the customer demands is always right. They are completely missing the point of this simple statement. The reason the customer is always right is because without customers you have no business. No one will pay you for your product or service. In other words the customers choose with their money. The reason the customer is right is they will choose whether to do business with you or not.

DO not worry about pleasing everyone. It will never happen. Worry about doing things right and listening  to your customers.