What the hell is this?

For 9 years I have been a business owner. For the last 7 I have worked for myself with no other income source. Starting my first business from scratch taught me a lot. Starting 7 more has taught me even more.

What I want to do here is post video’s, blogs, and answer questions for others looking at how to make the step from wage monkey to entrepreneur. To tell it like it really is. To try and answer questions that everyone has when they are considering making the leap from receiving a paycheck to creating a paycheck. It is a hell of a leap. One filled with a lot of questions, doubt, fear, and just plain frustration.

I am hoping that I can give real world advice without the snake-oil salesman BS that is so often the case when people talk on this subject. It is not easy. It is not fun a lot of the time and it can destroy you mentally and financially. Let’s face facts, 66% of all businesses fail within 2 years. Around 40% actually make it to 4 years. The reasons vary all over the place but maybe I can help keep you in the 40% by sharing the lessons I have learned. I have started and own several businesses that generate millions of dollars in revenue every year. It was not easy and it will not be for you either, but maybe I can help make it easier.

This is my way of giving back because I did not do this alone. I had help along the way in the form of people who believed in me, helped me, and even invested in me.

Good luck and let’s enjoy the ride.