TGIF my ass

Here we are again on a Friday and while most people are looking at the weekend as a relaxing getaway I am not

2 days ago I was asked to present Otterology at Mobcon next week. Mobcon is a HUGE event where anyone is is anyone in mobile technology will be. It is quite an honor as only a few people get chosen to compete in the New mobile tech competition.
So here I am on a Friday night trying to get together my 3 1/2 minute pitch to dazzle the onlookers and walk away the winner. This weekend will be spent writing and re-writing and then trying to commit to memory what I have written down. Anyone that knows my memory knows what fun this will be, BUT this is a huge opportunity  for us to shine. A chance to get real feedback and people in the industry talking about what we are doing.

In case you are wondering what we are doing Otterology converts CSV reports from Square into an inventory tracking system. It also generates complete reports on sales, inventory, Profit and Loss, and everything else a $50,000 system will do BUT it does it on an ipad, iphone, laptop, or even a desktop and it can be used for just 40 bucks a month.

What we are doing is changing the entire way business can be done for the small and mid sized businesses who can not afford $50,000 systems that are rigid and limited.

We have also figured out how to make it work with Paypal and Shopify so I guess we will just begin taking over the world right now.

Keep thinking big or small, but make it happen. Planning is fun, but action gets shit done.
Enjoy your weekend slackers. Some of us will be working on making your life easier.