So, Mark, do you have some kind of itemized list for streamlined success in starting a new business? Or maybe a checklist for improving a business, you know, subtle things we didn’t even know we needed to do?
You are the expert… dish!

That is exactly what I hope to accomplish here. It will take time as I will be putting things up 3-4 times a week, but I will be doing exactly that.  Then I will change what I said to something else because if I have learned anything in 9 years it is that I am always learning how to do things better.

What can a young person do to make themselves viable in any job market? (Don’t care about recession bullshit.) Secondly– what can they do to make themselves indispensable to a business? (That is, what skill is most sought after in a business?)


Young people are a hard sell to any business owner because you have no track record. Also the younger people are the less chance they take work seriously. Being persistant seems to work with me. I admire someone who just does not take no for an answer.

You make yourself indispensable  to a business by making it money. The people I love the most are the ones that know their job, DO their job, and I can just check in from time to time to make sure the course is correct. People that need to be told what they have to do, people that give you 4 hours of work in an 8 hour work day, people that bring their personal bullshit to the office, and all of that have a short shelf life with me. Also I want people that see my vision. I DESPISE paycheck workers. A paycheck worker is someone that does not care at all about the place they work. It is just how they get money. I can not even understand how someone can do that. That said the boss creates a lot of paycheck workers by not involving them in the vision of the company. The boss forces them to have no passion for anything at work.
So to sum up, show up, work hard, bring passion to the tble, and make me money and you will never need a resume’ again.