Hey Mark!
What’s the best way to go about finding people to make stuff for you? Currently I’m interested in Textiles: T-Shirts and Hats, and also tiny karate belt bracelet type things. Also like mugs and stuff. Would you recommend finding someone local or working with someone you find on the internet, regardless of their location.
On a related note, what do you think of people who talk about the paradigm shift to giving away most or all of your info/knowledge/intangibles for free, and just making money off of swag surrounding it? (Mugs, T-shirts, one-of-a-kind first run comic books…)
For Musicians, there’s a lot of talk about how we need to give our music away or for dirt cheap, and then make our money off of Concert Tickets, and basically anything you can’t digitize.
What do you think about all that?


Rick ,

Google. You can find anything and anyone to make things on google. I shop for price, get three examples and then go with the best. I work with whoever gives me the best product at the best price. I do not care where they are. Do not forget to weigh shipping costs as well.

People make their own prices and models for everything and I LOVE the way things are heading with more and more use it for free and if you like it give us money for more models. My software OTTEROLOGY is exactly that. Use it for free and if you love it then buy it and use all of it. It is the way of the future. People want moe options and companies like Dropbox and Google are showing that you do not need to squeeze every nickel out of a customer to be successful.

Time to start cutting out middlemen in the arts and offer a product directly to the consumer.
With digital music out there its so easy to get it for free the industry is going to have to  figure out a plan to keep afloat. You can not stop progress.