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How do you manage marketing, finding clients, managing contacts, handling payments, and all the other business stuff, and still have time and energy to do the work that is the core of your business?




Its really quite simple. I work constantly. When I started my Fireworks company I worked a full time job for 50 hours a week. That left me 118 hours. Take out 56 a week for sleeping, 10 more for travel and getting ready and I still had 52 hours a week of ME time. I spent my days off working on getting my new business up and running. I spent my lunch hours going to meetings I had set up. I would get home from work at 8:30-9:00 and spend a couple hours with the family and then when they went to bed i would work until 2 AM.
People assume I do not go out or visit because I do not want to. Nonsense, I am busy working.
Stop watching TV. Stop going out. Stop sitting around and use your time well.
If it were easy everyone would do it.