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If you were starting right now without owning any other businesses, what would you look for in your first business? Not necessarily the specific type, but what type of characteristics. For example, you saw a fireworks store in front of your place of work and found out how profitable it was (that was the answer to my question on mixergy) and started one. Would you look for something similar: a type of business where people were making a lot of money and then move in and work to really dominate it like you did previously? Just trying to get a feel of how you think about and would look for new opportunities. 
Thanks Jon


I look for smaller niche businesses most of the time. The reason being that if a business is small, lets say 4-8 million, over the entire country yearly then that business is not owned.
What I mean by that is no one is taking that niche seriously. That much money is not of interest to most corporations and the 100 companies that divide up those sales are not serious, good, or taking it very seriously. What that means to me is I can come into it and own that shit like a boss and have AT LEAST 50% of the market if I am willing to really kill it and go after it in every way possible. Those smaller niche businesses are easier to run, take far less start up, are easy to test, and can be dominated by just one or two people doing the job.
Now you have a business generating 1-2 million a year in sales and its just you and maybe another. Now you own the market, not many want to get into it and even if they do they are not big boys with much backing. So you and another are making 6 figure incomes and being the boss. Who needs more than that?

Anything else please just ask 

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Question from Mario


Good interview on mixergy. I was wondering how did you find your programmers for otterology.




I found my first programmer as a person I knew. He then brought in the other two we have on board, on a trial run, and we hired them. Tech guys hang around other tech guys so once you get one the others will be there to meet.
My website and SEO guy worked for me in a fireworks tent and put together a demo of what he could do for my website. After contracting him for 3 years we finally hired him full time.

Ask around with people you know. In the begininning you will probably have to go with people you know since you will need more time and commitment with less money paid. Once you get rolling DO NOT forget the work they did though.

Good luck brother and enjoy the day

No pain no gain my ass

Working out is something I started doing 9 months ago. Now the typical person starts working out to lose weight or get healthy. Not this guy. I started working out so that my body would look good naked.
It all started with a GIANT pet peeve of mine. I hate, with a fiery passion, hearing people say “I would do anything for…” because it is complete bullshit. When people see a person on TV with a toned body and they say “I would do anything for a body like that” I want to slap them. No you would not. You would not do anything. As a matter of fact you won’t even do the two things needed to have a body like that. Eat heathy and work out. So how can you say you would do anything when that is a goal that only requires two things? It is because people lie to themselves constantly.
So here I am sitting on my couch last April/May watching 300 and I say out loud, “Damn I would do anything for a body like that”. I slapped myself in the forehead. So that is when I decided that if I was going to say it I was going to do it. Not so much the 300 look but at least something where I could take off my shirt in public and not feel like I was shaped like a pear.
The other thing that motivated me is that getting a toned body take patience and discipline. Something that everyone should learn, and yes practice. Results do not happen overnight with anything and working out is a perfect way to remind yourself of that. You didn’t get that sloppy body you have now in a day and you certainly are not going to fix it in one day either.
This all said I still hate working out. I have been told time and time again that I will start craving it. Nope. I hate it. There is nothing about it except the results I enjoy.  It hurts, it takes a lot of time, of and it hurts.
Then there is the eating right. I HATE eating right. I like brownies. I like cookies. I like eating crap that is terrible for you. So here I am eating a high protein diet and the same foods day in and day out. SUPER boring. I do eat outside that specific diet but it is rare and a treat.
One thing I do is take a picture every month so that I can see the change happening. It probably makes my computer files a little more creepy but it is worth it so that you do not lose faith.
Some would say that it is not worth it and that they would rather just do what they want and eat what they want to be happy. Super. Have at it. We live in a society that makes excuses  for poor habits so chances are you will be justified in your actions by people. Another pet peeve of mine. People posting pictures of fat people and saying “be proud of your body” while vilifying toned bodies. Pride comes from achievement. Just because you are not proud of something does not mean you have to be ashamed of it. That is the problem. People seem to believe they should be proud of their bodies even when they have done nothing to be proud of. You certainly do not have to be ashamed of it but lets not get all puffy and proud because you feel the need to justify yourself. Be proud when you achieve something that is not easy to do. Hitting 250lbs is easy to do. Working out 5-6 days a week is not. Eating bland food is not. Pride comes from doing something, not doing the norm.


Man crush admission.

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Gary Vaynerchuk has been a major influence on me. Everything about him is just plain cool.
Take 15 minutes and watch him talk here.

“Stop watching fucking LOST” makes me laugh like an idiot.

1st world complaints and problems make me laugh

About a week ago I received and email from someone who decided that it was their job to let me know everything that was wrong about me. While despite what most people think I am always open to critique and helpful advice. I certainly do not believe myself to be perfect. Close, but not perfect. The email went on to say I was “smug, brash, and rude”. The advice went on to tell me that maybe if I was more polite or helpful I would get more people to respond.
Right around this point is when I could actually hear my brain clawing to get out of my head.
I do not write this to cheer you on with happy thoughts and picture meme’s saying you can do anything. You can not. Any idiot that tells you that is an fool. I am 5’8″ and 44. I WILL NOT be playing basketball in the NBA. Will not ever happen. I will never be president. Something about stature of limitations or whatever. I will never be the CEO of Pepsi. The list can go on for awhile.
What I write about and say is that the VAST majority of people do not live up to their expectations and are limited by themselves. The biggest limitation has been and always will be fear. Fear holds people back. Sure I am telling you can not do anything, BUT you can do more. Who can’t? I can. You can. Ghandi really can’t but that is not really the point.

If you are satisfied punching a clock at 9AM and then leaving at 5PM then I am probably not for you. If you need 5 weeks of paid vacation a year to recharge from you doing 20 hours of actual work a week then I am probably not for you. If you value your time at X and yet have been unemployed for years…….well you get the point. This is not a blog for workers. This is a blog for doers.

I write this to spur and motivate people who are willing to work on Saturday night, for no paycheck and only a hope that they can achieve their dream. I write it for the person that works on their birthday for 12 hours. I write it for the people willing to take chances and revel in the victory or learn from the defeat. I write it so that I can complain about stuff. I write it because if my being  “smug, brash, and rude” gets ONE person off their ass to start that dream idea they have had for years…..well then it is worth it.
Put the fear aside and take that chance or you will find yourself being that person punching a clock at 50 and hating their life. A person drained of passion and fever to create something that is theirs. Be that person that enjoys what they do and can’t wait to do more of it.