More Questions

Hey Mark, I read one of your comments on Mixergy and you said…

“You can’t make employees happy. They either are happy people or people that are not happy. Get rid of the unhappy people because they will ALWAYS find something to be unhappy with.” 

If that’s the case then is trying to motivate people a futile exercise? 

I’m wondering what made you say that and what led you to an absolute belief that people are either happy or they’re not, and you can’t make them?




It has been my experience that you still try to motivate people, BUT there are certain people that are just never happy. People make themselves happy or not. I read comments from people all the time complaining about their jobs. People that make great money, have spectacular benefits, get 6 weeks paid vacation, and work in a safe and clean workplace that there is no abuse. What are they whining about? Their employer is paying them to be there. They pay you because OF COURSE you would rather be somewhere else.
These are people that constantly complain about their life and job. You do not have to love your job but people that whine and complain about everything bring everyone down.
So yes you put incentives out there  for the good people but do not think for a second you can make someone happy who just lives to complain and whine. There is a sect of people in this country who NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO they will always think the boss is trying to screw them and that they are being taken advantage of. You can not make those people happy. Trust me, I have tried. 

hope this helps and clarifies things. If not follow up.

Good Luck out there
Marks Brain