Monday monday

The point of all of this is to try to let people into the real mind of what it is like to be an entrepreneur. I am writing this as much as I can to try and show both the ups and the downs.
Also I do not proofread and barely bother to spell check. Deal with it. My time has value and if you do not know what I am saying because I used to instead of too then go get a job as a proofreader.

Today is Monday and I had a rough weekend. Rough on both my body and mind. I will not go into the details but it is still all with me and it is making it hard to focus on the task at hand. The bank, the landlord, the utilities, and everyone else expecting to be paid do not care that I had a hard weekend. They do not care that my mind wants to be elsewhere right now. They do not care about any of that at all. They all expect to get paid, get calls returned, and get engaged in the conversations we dropped on Friday. So while I sit here feeling like I am failing on so many levels in my personal life I must still plow forward with getting the people on the business side the things that they depend on me for.

That is what it is like some days. You bet your ass I want to be at home right now spending time with my wife and children but I have responsibilities that keep my wife and children in a home with food inside of it. I do not get to take “mental health days” because I want to work on things. I barely am willing to take sick days unless it involves me possibly dying.
So ya… want to be the boss you are going to have days like this. Days where you can not call into work with some bullshit excuse as to why you can not do your job that day.  Days where you know your family hates the fact that you work so much and so often. Days where you hate the fact that you work so much and so often. Days where you do not want to talk business at all.

Still want to be the boss?