Mobcon is more than just a made up word

I’ve spent the last 2 days at Mobcon in Minneapolis. I was invited to present in the Mobdemo competition as an up-and-coming software system with Otterology.
I presented yesterday morning and will find out today around 5 today if we win. If we win we get $25,000. Super cool and can really help us get this monkey going.
The weird part is I am not a software guy. I could not write a line of code that would ever make sense. I could not build a website if you gave me a week. I’m a guy with an idea who then brought in people to do his evil bidding.
Honestly it makes me the best possible boss for this industry. I have NO IDEA what can not be done. I just say make it happen.
A lot of the conversation seems to be based on trying to use technology just because its there. We started our company because we had a problem and could not find a solution, not because we wanted a neat new toy.
I should not be surprised. I’m surrounded by people that eat, drink, and sleep tech. I believe if something does not  actually make my business and/or life easier then what the hell is it there for?

So here I sit, unable to understand the language they speak and nodding my head.

The guy speaking right now, Alexander Muse, is the founder of Shopsavvy. This guy and I may share a brain. I get the feeling he is much more tech savvy but he is hitting points I find amusing and interesting.

Oh well, more coffee and handshaking……