About Mark’s Brain

Mark Lazarchic is a successful business man and entrepreneur in Minneapolis, MN. With a large and growing list of companies that he has built from the ground up, Mark is frequently approached by fellow entrepreneurs for tips and advice. While Mark is always eager to help out, time simply doesn’t permit for a whole slew of one-on-one meetings and consultations. That’s where Pick Mark’s Brain comes in.

This website is dedicated to helping out all those aspiring entrepreneurs who need a little direction or inspiration from a man whose name is synonymous with success – and that man is Mark Lazarchic. Mark describes himself as an opinionated, self-righteous, correct, in-your-face, all around nice guy. While all those things may be true, the most enduring quality about Mark is his unwavering ability to build businesses that yield profits.

Mark is an expert at finding what works and what does not work in any business model and trimming away the fat and pouring gas on what works. He is a firm believer that not every company in the world needs a 50 million dollar exit or even a million dollars in sales to be successful. He cuts through the bullshit and rah-rah to give easy and practical advice to business owners and entrepreneurs. As a veteran of 25 years of being a performer he is as comfortable on a stage in front of 1000 people as he is at a table with two.

Mark is considered an industry expert in E-commerce, Google Adwords, Facebook for Business, Business Start-ups, and Making time for business AND family.

Businesses Mark currently owns and operates.
– Renaissance Fireworks. The largest Fireworks company in Minnesota

– Wedding Day Sparklers. Largest E-commerce wedding sparkler site in the world.

– MAL Real Estate. Commercial Real Estate Holdings.

– Blue Sun Soda Shop. Largest Soda Store in the world!

– Whistler Soda. Returnable bottle soda manufactured in Minnesota.

– North Star Soda. Premium soda sold across the United States.

– Blue Sun Distribution.  Providing craft soda to the masses.

Past Businesses.
– Otterology. Inventory management system acquired by Shopventory in June of 2015.

Other Passions.
In his “Spare Time” Mark enjoys:
– Gardening

– Sailing

– Performing Improv