2013 is no different than 2012

Someone sent me a link to this image. I liked it, BUT I think it is incorrect.

It states being creative or not being creative as the examples. I know a lot of creative people and just because they are creative does not mean they are willing to do something.
It should probably say Entrepreneur and not. Those with an entrepreneur mind-set know the problem I am talking about. We look at the world through the tinted glasses of problem solving and opportunity.
To give you an example I can not help but start thinking, when I see a building….ANY BUILDING, for lease what would make a good business for that building. Looking at the location and design I start thinking of what would work well there. It is a constant battle to stay focused because there are never-ending problems needing to be solved and that is what gets us off.

The common misconception about entrepreneurs is that we are money motivated. That is true, but only to a point. Money is not the end-all be-all for us. If it was we could focus better. Its the challenge of solving a problem. For me it is the worst when I see someone doing something poorly AND STILL succeeding at it. I feel compelled to do it better just to make the person doing it wrong fail so that they stop doing it wrong. The money will come naturally if you do it great and keep your business head on, but to do it right and make money…..thats the really kicker.
I have started (not completed yet mind you) 3 businesses because of the fact that the product I wanted did not exist. I wanted it. Others wanted it. So why not create it? Do it right and you will make money at it. That is a given. It’s the doing it right part that seems to get in the way all to often. To do it right can take time,money, and a lot of patience.

My daughter asked me yesterday if I would help advise her and her best friend when they decided to start a business together. She gave me a couple of examples of what they were thinking about. The advice I gave her is the same I would give anyone. You need to identify a problem and then come up with a solution. That problem can be as simple as “There is not a liquor store in this area” to “I want to figure out how to make an artificial kidney that will work inside a body”. Both are problems. Every business idea is solving a problem. So identify the problem you are solving AND THEN go about creating your business. Do it right. Count your pennies. Execute and it will happen.