1st world complaints and problems make me laugh

About a week ago I received and email from someone who decided that it was their job to let me know everything that was wrong about me. While despite what most people think I am always open to critique and helpful advice. I certainly do not believe myself to be perfect. Close, but not perfect. The email went on to say I was “smug, brash, and rude”. The advice went on to tell me that maybe if I was more polite or helpful I would get more people to respond.
Right around this point is when I could actually hear my brain clawing to get out of my head.
I do not write this to cheer you on with happy thoughts and picture meme’s saying you can do anything. You can not. Any idiot that tells you that is an fool. I am 5’8″ and 44. I WILL NOT be playing basketball in the NBA. Will not ever happen. I will never be president. Something about stature of limitations or whatever. I will never be the CEO of Pepsi. The list can go on for awhile.
What I write about and say is that the VAST majority of people do not live up to their expectations and are limited by themselves. The biggest limitation has been and always will be fear. Fear holds people back. Sure I am telling you can not do anything, BUT you can do more. Who can’t? I can. You can. Ghandi really can’t but that is not really the point.

If you are satisfied punching a clock at 9AM and then leaving at 5PM then I am probably not for you. If you need 5 weeks of paid vacation a year to recharge from you doing 20 hours of actual work a week then I am probably not for you. If you value your time at X and yet have been unemployed for years…….well you get the point. This is not a blog for workers. This is a blog for doers.

I write this to spur and motivate people who are willing to work on Saturday night, for no paycheck and only a hope that they can achieve their dream. I write it for the person that works on their birthday for 12 hours. I write it for the people willing to take chances and revel in the victory or learn from the defeat. I write it so that I can complain about stuff. I write it because if my being  “smug, brash, and rude” gets ONE person off their ass to start that dream idea they have had for years…..well then it is worth it.
Put the fear aside and take that chance or you will find yourself being that person punching a clock at 50 and hating their life. A person drained of passion and fever to create something that is theirs. Be that person that enjoys what they do and can’t wait to do more of it.