Question: Hey Mark! What’s the best way to go about finding people to make stuff for you? Currently I’m interested in Textiles: T-Shirts and Hats, and also tiny karate belt bracelet type things. Also like mugs and stuff. Would you recommend finding someone local or working with someone you find on the internet, regardless of […]

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Question: So Mark,  I have been toying with the idea of starting my own business for years … years. It is in the food industry so the thought of failure scares the crap out of me as it would completely drain my husband and I financially if I failed. It’s like my acting “career” … […]


Question: Is raising investment for business all about the business plan and numbers? How do you value a business that has not begun and in some sense is hypothetical…ie: how did you know how many people would buy sparklers or how many people would visit the lights? Did you even need external investment on either […]

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Question: For me, the consistent point of failure in running my own business is never being able to wear all of the hats. I simply can’t be the salesman, the legal assistant, the project manager, the engineer, the art director, the visual designer, the developer, the quality assurance tester, the accountant, and ultimately the deadbeat […]

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Question: How do you manage marketing, finding clients, managing contacts, handling payments, and all the other business stuff, and still have time and energy to do the work that is the core of your business? Rob   Rob, Its really quite simple. I work constantly. When I started my Fireworks company I worked a full […]