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Question answered

Question: Hi Mark, Great RAW Mixergy interview. Awesome. Question please… you mentioned you had a lot of success with marketing on Facebook. Where do I go to learn how to market a business effectively on Facebook? Like a step by step system. – Toby New Zealand   Toby, Lou Abrownowski has a class on Mixergy […]

Question and answer time

Question: If you were starting right now without owning any other businesses, what would you look for in your first business? Not necessarily the specific type, but what type of characteristics. For example, you saw a fireworks store in front of your place of work and found out how profitable it was (that was the […]

Question from Mario

Hi, Good interview on mixergy. I was wondering how did you find your programmers for otterology. Thanks Mario   Mario, I found my first programmer as a person I knew. He then brought in the other two we have on board, on a trial run, and we hired them. Tech guys hang around other tech […]

Question about setting up

Dear Pick Marks Brian I am a sole proprieter of a web bussiness, and i have multiple side projects i am doing, my wife also has a sole proprietor bussiness, we are looking to get a tax ID number for my web bussiness, but my question is this, should we incoporate under one banner and […]


Question: Hey Mark! What’s the best way to go about finding people to make stuff for you? Currently I’m interested in Textiles: T-Shirts and Hats, and also tiny karate belt bracelet type things. Also like mugs and stuff. Would you recommend finding someone local or working with someone you find on the internet, regardless of […]