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10 Things men really Should/Should not be doing

10 Things men really Should/Should not be doing

This post has little to do with business directly but it has been bouncing in my brain for months so I have to let it out before it does more damage. Warning, this is some seriously opinionated shit. The fact that is is true does not make it less opinionated. 1- Quit playing video games […]

Question answered

Question: Hi Mark, Great RAW Mixergy interview. Awesome. Question please… you mentioned you had a lot of success with marketing on Facebook. Where do I go to learn how to market a business effectively on Facebook? Like a step by step system. – Toby New Zealand   Toby, Lou Abrownowski has a class on Mixergy […]

Holy shit I take forever

Been gone forever. Mostly because once you get behind it is hard as hell to get back on it. So here I am and I am thinking about attitude. My attitude about everything is brash and very direct. This works to both my advantage and disadvantage. There are MANY times where patience and a slow […]

Where the hell have I been?

I started writing this to be helpful. To answer questions and hopefully provide some answers. Over the last few months I have been crazy busy and not been able to think of anything to write at all that would be helpful to anyone but myself. So today I stumbled upon this. It is an episode […]

More Questions

Question: Hey Mark, I read one of your comments on Mixergy and you said… “You can’t make employees happy. They either are happy people or people that are not happy. Get rid of the unhappy people because they will ALWAYS find something to be unhappy with.”  If that’s the case then is trying to motivate […]